About Us

Ana's Papeterie is an exciting new concept celebrating life and joy through extravagant forms of social expression. We elevate the art of giving and receiving by producing and selling the finest unique products from vendors around the world.

Who is Ana? Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Ana Bekker is more than thrilled to have a shop named after her! Her and her sister, Sophia, are just like any other kids: They enjoy writing, drawing, painting, playing outside and going to school. Our products are hand picked by Ana herself, and as such, every order shipped out is signed individually by Ana.

We at Ana's Papeterie believe in embracing life and all of its journeys with inspirational and visually appealing products that convey and express our emotions. 

Ana’s Papeterie elevates your everyday lifestyle and moments in that journey to become memorable events, visual statements, and objects of beauty that express precisely the way we experience life. The art of the handwritten word is now more special than ever with the explosion of social media.

We are proud to offer fine quality paper products that will awaken your creativity and emotion. Our extravagant and wide selection of handmade greeting cards, fine stationery and more will add sentiment to your everyday life. Adding a personal touch to your gifts and greetings has never looked better from a card that expresses exactly what you have in mind to a hand crafted gift that is perfect for the occasion.

We believe every significant moment, no matter how small or personal, is a celebration, that’s why our card shop offers eloquent and well-dressed greeting cards for many of life's important moments, including birthdays, weddings, and days that call for a few inspiring words. We aren’t your average gifting shop.


"Our mission is to inspire countless of customers with beautiful unique products and honest personal interactions. We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service."

We believe that every customer should walk out of our retail locations leaving happier than when they first walked in. Our products may change over time but our mission statement stays the same. We provide support to our friends, not clients, through moments of joy, loss, happiness and accomplishments.